Gene George Associates Staff

Bonnie Percy

Registered Professional Engineer skilled in practical reservoir engineering, hydrology, environmental engineering, numerical simulation, pressure transient analysis and as an expert witness for state hearings. 


B.S., Chemical Engineering, Texas A&M, 1980 

Professional Certification

Professional Chemical Engineer: TX #63158 WY #6360 NE #E-13310

Professional History

2001 to Present
Reservoir & Groundwater Engineer, Gene R. George & Associates, Inc., Casper, WY

1996 - 2000
Reservoir Engineer and Hydrologist, Power Resources, Inc., Casper,WY

1992 - 1996
Environmental Engineer, Maxim technologies, Inc., Casper, WY

1980 - 1992
Reservoir Engineer, ORYX Energy (Sun Exploration and Production Co.), Texas, Oklahoma, New Mexico, Colorado, Wyoming

Professional Career

2001 to Present   Gene R. George & Associates, Inc.

  • Conducted numerous reservoir engineering studies to determine drainage areas, infill drilling opportunities, and recompletion potential for traditional, tight gas, and unconventional reservoirs.The studies included petrophysical analysis of LAS format digital well logs using LESA software; decline analysis; pressure transient analysis including Reciprocal Productivity Index method; and economic evaluation. Study Areas included fields in Wyoming, Utah, Colorado, New Mexico and Michigan.
  • Determined reserves and forecast production for various coal bed methane properties in the Powder River Basin using isotherm/volumetric analysis methods in analogy to typical well/decline methods.
  • Presented exhibits and served as expert engineering witness at numerous hearings before WOGCC, including Increased Density Applications, Water and Acid Gas Disposal Well Applications, Commingling Applications, Applications to Establish Drilling and Spacing Units and Applications for Enhanced Oil Recovery. Served as an expert witness and presented petrophysical analysis to the MDEQ, Michigan Department of Environmental Quality. Presented CBM engineering testimony before the Montana Board of Oil and Gas.
  • Prepared Class I and Class II disposal well applications for the WDEQ-UIC (Wyoming Department of Environmental Quality Underground Injection Control). NDEQ (Nebraska Department of Environmental Quality), EPA Region VIII, and the COGCC (Colorado Oil and Gas Conservation Commission). Evaluated disposal well candidates including injectivity analysis and siting analysis.
  • Conducted Phase I ESA's in accordance with ASTM standards on oil and gas related properties including the Glenrock Unit B in Converse County, Wyoming (82 active wells, 51 sites, over 100 P&A wells) and the Wold Oil Properties (23 properties including 173 wells) throughout Wyoming.

1996 to 2000   Power Resources, Inc.

  • Conducted hydrologic testing of the Wasatch Formation and permitted three new wellfields at the Highland Uranium Project developing a total of 3.5 Million lbs of Uranium reserves.
  • Provided technical support and operations design for the Gas Hills Project Permit Application and the Ruby Ranch Project Permit Application which have 25 Million lbs of Uranium reserves in the Wasatch and Ft. Union Formations.
  • Supported development, operations and restoration at the Highland Uranium Project with wellfield design, wellfield balancing, hydrologic modeling, and pressure transient analysis.

1992 to 1996   Maxim Technologies, Inc., (Huntingdon, Chen-Northern)

  • Conducted numerous Phase I ESAs of oil and gas, commercial, light industrial and residential properties including review of NPDES permits, SPCC Plans, compliance issues and norm surveys.
  • Managed Phase II ESAs including two site investigations for Conoco, Inc. for the releases of refined petroleum products from pipelines. The projects involved waste, groundwater, soil and air sampling and analyses, determination of contamination extent, recommended improvements in chemical handling procedures, assessment of natural attenuation and evaluation of applicable remediation alternatives.
  • Served as the interim environmental coordinator for Black Thunder Mine, Thunder Basin Coal Company, a subsidiary of ARCO, Inc.  Responsibilities included tracking, collection, storage, and shipment of disposal of hazardous waste, used oil and waste grease generated at the mine using RCRA and DOT guidelines.

1980 to 1992 Oryx Energy Company, (Previously Sun Company, Inc.)

  • Developed five Morrow and Atoka deep gas discoveries utilizing pressure transient analysis, material balance P/Z and volumetrics. This resulted in the drilling of 10 wells at 1.5 million dollars each; eight were producers.
  • Testified as an expert witness at state hearings. Served on technical committees for three proposed secondary units.
  • Supervised four reservoir engineers while concurrently performing simulation projects.  Conducted one-on-one training of new simulation engineers as well as coordination and support of company wide simulation workstation training.
  • Performed a reservoir study of a 10 million dollar gas cycling project in the Dakota formation of Wyoming using a compositional simulator in support of technical committee objectives.
    Predicted the waterflood performance of eight proposed waterflood projects in  Oklahoma, Texas and offshore using Nolen's VIP, a black oil simulator.
  • Simulated steam injection for heavy oil in California using SSI's THERM, a thermal model.  Doubled recovery by recommending a change from cyclic to continuous steam injection.
  • Monitored existing waterfloods recommending recompletions, pattern changes and injection rates as needed.  Evaluated injection performance using pressure fall-off testing and injection profiles.
  • Prepared feasibility studies to implement secondary recovery projects or infill drill existing projects.
    Coordinated development of two new waterfloods, including pattern optimization and the drilling of 30 secondary recovery wells.

Continuing Education

CO2 Flooding School, Academy of the Permian Basin, 2011
Petrophysics of Unconventional Reservoirs, PTTC, 2011
Unconventional Gas Reservoirs: Shale, CBM and Tight Gas, SDSMT, 2009
Equation-of-State Phase Behavior Simulation (CO2), CMG, 2008
Petrophysical Analysis, LESA, 2007
Reservoir Simulation, CMG, 2006
Reciprocal Productivity Index, PSI, 2002 
Fundamentals of Groundwater Geochemistry, NGWA, 1998 
Visual MODFLOW, NGWA, 1997 
Water Flooding: Performance, Predictions and Surveillance, Smith and Cobb, 1990 
Well Test Analysis, Ragahvan 1985, and Oryx 1990 
Numerical Simulation, JS Nolen & Associates, 1988 
Bioremediation Engineering Design and Applications, 1994 
Bioventing Principles, Applications and Case Studies, 1994 
Hazardous Materials/Waste Management Certification, OSU, 1992 
AHERA Asbestos Inspector/Management Planner, 1993 
40-Hour OSHA Training CFR 1910.120, 1992 


Hydrology and Permeability Testing in the Fort Union Case Study of the H-Wellfield, Highland
Uranium Project, Wyoming, Percy, Bonnie, 1999, WGA Guidebook Coalbed Methane and the Tertiary Geology of the Powder River Basin, Wyoming and Montana, pp. 141-153.